October 10, 2016

#TRAVEL - Island adventures on Phuket

After our very interesting, exciting and turbulent days in the capital city we flew from Bangkok straight to Phuket. And I can tell you one thing: if you're ever in Thailand, do yourself a favor and fly with AirAsia. Seriously, you think you're just going onto a typical low cost flight like RyanAir or something similar but I honestly never felt more welcome in an airplane than with AirAsia. The plane was so clean and tidy and everything was so well organized that I wished I could've flown with them on the long-haul flight to Thailand.
But anyway, that's enough about the airline. What I really wanna talk about is our first day and impression of Phuket.
Once we landed in Phuket we immediately felt the climate change from city to island. It was so "refreshing" - and yes, you can call 38 degress refreshing in Thailand - to not promptly start sweating once you're outside and you could actually feel a light breeze in the air.
We stayed in Phuket for a whole week and I pretty much organized everything via an organisation that is situated in Phuket and was founded by a German tourist who loved Phuket more than cold and rainy Germany and decided to stay there and create himself a business. This organistation is so good, I can not tell you anything bad about it.
We booked a transfer from the aiport in Phuket to our hotel in Karon Beach, which went flawlessly. I always wanted to have a hotel that is kind of in a jungle-y atmosphere. By that I mostly mean that I wanted to have a small bungalow in the hills with a view of the sea and the coast. And guess what I found?

I am so in love with this hotel and it was exactly like I wanted it to be. I really wanted something different. You can always stay in one of those fancy hotels like we did in Bangkok but on an island, I really want to feel like I am on an island and to have a hotel in the middle of the forest and you wake up in a small room and look directly at the sunrise ... man, I want to go back so badly because that was just pure happiness.

We didn't do much on our first day except jumping into the pool and enjoying a quiet evening outside. Hearing the waves crashing against the shore and having little birds and bees flying around is so different from the noisy Bangkok and so beautiful and relaxing.

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