April 09, 2017

#TRAVEL - Off to Phi Phi Islands

I will always remember our trip to the Phi Phi Islands. We decided to take the cruise from 'La Moet' to the Phi Phi Islands because it looked so incredibly beautiful. An old rustic boat with a huge sun deck and it was just the perfect way to drive over to the little islands comfortably.
The cruise was organized by a sweet swedish lady who loved to make jokes aaaall the time. Like when she welcomed us on the boat and explained that there weren't any toilettes so we had to hang our butts above the railing and just do our business but we should please be careful when the wind decides to change .. you get that one I guess :)
Of course that wasn't true but we were all laughing so the cruise was off to a really great start.

After 3 hours of driving calmly on the sea, our first stop was Maya Bay. You may know it from multiple films such as 'The Beach' with Leonardo DiCaprio. The best thing was that our crew did not plan on taking us directly to the beach because this beach is packed with tourists and people but we decided to go snorkeling instead. So all the speedboats drove right by us to the beach and we jumped from the boat right into the water and said hello to soooo many beautiful little fishes.

So incredibly beautiful! I am still speechless when I think about this trip. I can't even find words sometimes so I just let the pictures speak for themselves.

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