To answer all the important facts I created a little 10 facts about me:

#I actually have four different jobs - business travel agent, photographer, fitness trainer and a tutor for pupils who struggle in Spanisch/Englisch class
#I started with a Pentax K5 and swore to everyone that I would never change a running system. I am now a Canon user. You see how well that went.
#I don't have or even use Photoshop. The first reason: I just don't understand it. The second reason: I prefer to use my cameras capabilities and do it right when I am shooting. The third reason: I just really don't understand it.
#I am photographing people since April 2014 and specialized on natural and intimate people photography probably a year later.
#My favorite aperture is most likely 2.0 or 2.2 - I can't tell you why but I just like it a lot.
#My favorite lenses are currently the 100mm 2.8L and the 85mm 1.8
#I have a huge family. My parents got divorced and both found new partners. My dad married again and I got a step-brother and my mum will get married in August this year on a small island in the north of Germany. If our families would get together there'd be well over 50 people.
#I am driving a little yellow car and I love it a lot. It's a Fiat Panda without anything fancy but it has gotten me everywhere I wanted to go till now.
#I own a cat. Okay, I rather say: my cat is gracious enough to let me share a room with her. I am the only person in our flat she accepts. My brothers feet have suffered a lot of bite attacks. She even dictates our dog who is like seven times her size.
#I am always busy. Seriously, I am always somewhere doing something for or with someone. I almost never have time to meet friends because I need to do something else.

More to come very soon ...